A Simple to use, Cloud-based platform for cameras and other IoT sensors.

Retail Uses

Know what is going on your store. Which end-caps get the most traffic. Where do you need more associates (in real-time) to be? How many peopls are coming through your door? How many are leaving without making a purchase? ViznTrac can help you determine why?

Warehouse Management

Monitor people and equipment in your warehouse to ensure things are running smoothly.

  • Optimize Floor Layout
  • Identify Congestion Areas
  • Secure Zones of Warehouse

ViznTrac Edge™

At Contextant, we're committed to ensuring the security of your devices is paramount. Do you need to keep your cameras on a closed network? Do you want to ensure that your actual video images never leave your control.

Contextant's ViznTrac Edge can process the video on your local network and stream only the essential event data to our servers. ViznTracEdge can be run on either a dedicated computer or we can provide it pre-installed on an edge device.