Real-Time Analysis and Notifications

ViznTrac can tell you who's at home, who's coming to the front door, if that package on your door stop is taken and kick off smart-home operations. It allows you to organize and group multiple cameras in convenient groups such as (My Porch, My Vacation Home, Upstairs, etc)

ViznTrac Features

And this is just the beginning...

  • Smart Motion Detection - ViznTrac will learn what motion warrants an alert and when everything is just fine.
  • Watch My Box! - Not home and need to know if someone moves that delivery you waited two whole days for? Identify a package and be notified if someone you don't know moves it. ViznTrac's Package Detect feature can do that.
  • Facial Recognition - ViznTrac can know the faces that are important to you and trigger events (or don't trigger a security event) based on a whether is recognizes that person.
  • Event History - View event history, mark significant events, etc.

Ways to Use ViznTrac

  • Home Security
  • Detect and monitor packages on your doorstep
  • Know when your kids come through the front door
  • Make sure everything is as expected at your vacation home when you're not there
  • Integrate with other home-automation devices
  • More to come!

We're the Smart, in Smart-Camera

A Video Intelligence Platform on your local WiFi network! With ViznTrac, you can create notifications based on predefined events, integrate with home-automation systems and so much more.

Setup some IP Cameras anywhere you choose. ViznTrac provides a simple way to to manage cameras and set them up smart motion detection, porch package detection, facial recognition and more!

ViznTrac makes use of an Edge device that sits on your local WiFi and monitors your IP Cameras. It works with the ViznTrac service to provide advanced vision intelligence features that are super-simple to use. Visit our Kickstarter page for more info.